IT support for Energy Firms


It support services are very important for the oil, gas and energy sector to keep their business running smoothly in the event of an IT disaster and to minimize revenue loss due to IT failures. A stable IT system is a primary necessity for energy sector companies due to high dependence on daily operations on computer systems. The ability if data exchange over IT networks within oil, gas and energy companies can be potentially be worth of millions of pounds which makes stable and secured It systems vital for companies in the sector. The IT support systems will provide service that will help get the most of the existing IT. It reduces the worries of the energy sector company and enables running of business and profit generation.



Consulting- Provides consulting services that discusses plans and needs of the company with the It professionals so helps in achieving in years of knowledge in a single meeting. The managed services providers give perspectives on individual network, hardware, storage, or software. They aim to provide the best cos-effective for particular operating environments.

Cloud hosting- Provides best solutions for physical and virtual problems or a combination of both. They have rapidly scalable solutions configured with backup and disaster recovery protocols that reduce the data storage and BRD costs by a great percent.

Remote infrastructure monitoring and management- They have state of the art monitoring and management tools that quickly identify the status of the companies’ devices, network connections and backup capabilities. They also encompass wide selection tools to alert and solve problems of the company. They act as a single problem solving source that can manage company vendors with great success. They have advanced IT management tools and with the touch of experts reduce overall management costs of outages and maintenance.

Backup and Disaster recovery- The services providers can evaluate the firms’ networking and storage alternatives and deliver a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery schemes. They include backup solutions, timely recovery solutions, outlining a list of deployment, cloud storage and monitoring services with consideration of the mobile and multi-location environments of the energy firms.

Application management- They manage services and many applications that are critical to daily operations within the energy industry. They provide infrastructure that can support a customized environment that will not disrupt any of the operational systems while developing and testing.

24/7 help desk and service desk- The help desk team is staffed with highest first level resolution rates in the industry. They help focusing the It team on producing and distributing energy and stop wasting on basic help desk support activities. They help in maximizing the legacy It environments and develop a technology roadmap using the team of It professionals.


Benefits of IT support services for energy firms:

  • Data is commercially sensitive and needs to be kept secured
  • Maximize revenue with well managed It systems
  • Failure of plant control systems can be devastating and IT support systems will ensure proper functioning of them
  • Email services will be 100% secure and properly managed to ensure the safety of your sensitive competitive information

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