Need Best Longboarding Shoes?

longboarding shoesLongboarding needs not only the but also an excellent pair of shoes. When you have skill but your shoe fails to supprt your moves on the board or you slip off the board for not having proper traction; that’s probably worst. Here’s some best longboarding shoes for longboarding and skating.

DC Men’s Trase TX Unisex

Description: DC brings Trase with fresh bold colours, graphics and lux materials. They presented a universal shoe here where everyone finds convenience. Those who don’t want to compromise performance or style, this is for them as skateboarding and longboarding shoes. It is engineered to be the combination of performance and art, strength, comfort, durability etc.- all are in one mindblowing pair. Dc has been manufacturing excellent footware for long time and this is one of the marvellous ones that rocketed into the best longboarding shoes.


  • Brand- DC
  • Average customer rating- 4.5
  • Vulcanized construction
  • HD printed logo
  • Lux materials
  • Abrasion-resistant and outsole made of sticky rubber

DVS Men’s Daewon 14

Description: DVS is reputated for manufacturing best longboarding shoes to meet each requirement of longboarding and skateboarding. It is a prestigious name in longboarding and skateboarding shoes across the globe. Their consistent research and development on this boarding issue rocketed this pair into the list of best longboarding shoes. This pair is a versatile one, good for longboarding, skateboarding, moto, surfboarding, snowboarding as well as waterboarding.


  • Brand- DVS
  • Average customer rating- 4.5
  • Affordable range
  • Synthetic sole
  • Leather/Textile
  • Multi colours

Globe Men’s Mahalo

Description: It is a laid black and sleek. You need minimum effort with this shoe alongside great style. For longboarders, Globe has been one of the best longboarding shoes brands. Globe designs according to the requirements of the longboarders. They constantly develope their design forthe riders


  • Brand- Globe
  • Average customer rating- 4.5
  • Shock bed in the sole
  • Globe’s S-Trac for ultimate grip flex
  • Marl Appleyard design
  • Textile
  • Rubber sole
  • Imported

C1RCA Men’s JC01

Description: The C1RCA Lamb Skate Shoe is designed to conquer all types of surfaces from smooth sections to rough streets.  It is stiffer in its heel area to provide extra stability whereas the fore foot zone is softer for cushioning your toe area. It is definitely one of the best longboarding shoes.

For the gygiene and comfort of your feet, its forefoot is fully ventilated. Its upper is of soft leather with a high wall rubber sole. Its cap sole is light weight and it is designed with ultra-low profiled designing. The Fusion grip outsole has a non-slip design. This best longboarding shoes model comes from Jimmy Carlin’s design.


  • Brand- C1RCA
  • Customer rating- 4.5
  • Jimmy Carlin signature model
  • Light cupsole construction with Ultra slim low profile design
  • Leather/Textile
  • Fushion grip outsole plus anti-slip contoured heel
  • Synthetic Sole

Etnies Men’s Barge LS

Description: This shoe, one of the best longboarding shoes is of vulcanized construction. Its armored collar is very much supportive. It is basically a rubber sole skate shoe with a low profile. It’s also comprised of dual-stitched overlays.


  • Brand- Etnies
  • Average customer rating- 4
  • Rubber sole
  • Supportive armored collar
  • Vulcanized construction
  • Low-profile skate shoe
  • Double-stitched overlays
  • Textile

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